Mini portable projector for business presentation

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For business presentations held in your own office, you can opt for a projector with a larger size, but can support connectivity to different devices like tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.

Find great deals on eBay for portable presentation projector. Shop with confidence. Nov 25,  · The mini projector is suitable for travelling, camping, outdoor parties, family gatherings and more! Now, you can easily share your pictures and videos easily with this mini portable projector.

AAXA M5. For all lovers of business and home projectors either for presentations for home theaters, the AAXA M5 is the perfect choice. Having high focus on essentials and particulars, it is also the perfect mix between transportability and presentation, which go unmatched.

Mini Cube Projector with Wifi and DLP projection technology is great for home cinema set up, gaming, entertainment and quick presentations. Projection size ranges. The range of application of this mini-projector embraces a home theater, video games, photo shows and presentations.

You need to darken the room. The projector can be connected to a PC, a laptop, a macbook, a tablet PC, a PS4, a camera, a micro SD, mobile hard drives, a bluetooth speaker, etc.

Mini portable projector for business presentation
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